Meaningful Work of Lab Test and Chemical Analysis Services

Chemlab is a leader in laboratory testing and chemical analysis services. As an industry leader, Chemlab is committed to delivering an excellent work process in every aspect of our lab test services. The difference between us is in our authenticity and transparency, which ensures the accuracy and dependability of our chemical analysis and lab test findings. Chemlab is delighted to be completely certified, reassuring you that your laboratory testing services requirements will be fulfilled to the greatest possible quality.

We provide analytical services in six key categories: Water & Environmental, Food & Feed, Miscellaneous, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical & Supplement, Industrial Hygiene, Blood & Urine. Our highly trained professionals have a strong desire to innovate and inspire new discoveries that improve both the quality of life on long-term sustainability.

Our fundamental principles of lab test services include leadership, teamwork, and ongoing development as a single, solid organization. We aggressively collect input, acknowledge our successes, and work nonstop to improve the whole lab testing services experience.

Here are our full range of business that we cover

In each of these core business we offer services such as Inspection | Testing | Certification | Monitoring