Pharmaceutical & Supplement

A thriving pharmaceutical industry is essential in any country to ensure that affordable drugs are available to all levels of society and ultimately to maintain a country’s healthcare structure. The role of pharmaceutical testing and analysis laboratories is equally important to maintain the quality of drugs and medicines produced.

The cost of bringing new drugs or supplements to market continues to grow, so does the pressure to increase efficiency and productivity throughout the development cycle. Speed to a decision is critical and industry players need to rapidly evaluate potential candidate compounds and confidently assess their effectiveness as therapeutic drugs.

With the diverse range of dietary supplements and raw materials — from an extract in a tablet to a tea packet or oil bottle in the kitchen — the challenges for producers and regulators to ensure that active compounds are at levels expected is even greater.

Pharmaceutical testing and analysis of authenticity are also needed especially where it goes beyond the active compounds which can be spiked into non-authentic products. Geographic origin, freshness and production-type are among other factors that can affect health, and therefore require testing.

At Chemlab, we understand that, in manufacturing and quality control of pharmaceutical drugs and supplements, productivity and compliance are critical, and our laboratory has the testing and analysis expertise and solutions to help you:

  • Identify incoming raw materials
  • Monitor volatile, semi-volatile, or non-volatile impurities
  • Evaluate physical properties
  • Determine content uniformity

Let us help you rapidly move your new pharmaceutical product towards approval and to consumers and patients

Test Parameters:

  • Heavy metal
  • Microb test
  • Assay
  • Active ingredient
  • Vitamins
  • Mineral
  • Physical test: Disintegration test, Hardness test , Friability test
  • Uniformity of weight
  • Heavy metal
  • Contaminants
  • Packaging
  • Stability Studies – Real time, Accelerated
  • Shelf life test
  • Antibiotic test - Aflatoxin
  • Adulterant – Steroid, Melamine
  • Swap and Surface test

Product categories: Liquid , capsule, tablet, pil, powder, traditional medicine, herbs, medicated oil, ointment, antiseptic
Method: British Pharmacopeia (BP), United State Pharmacopeia (USP), AOAC, Malaysian Standard, ISO

Panel laboratory for NPRA

MOH under the category of traditional medicine products.